We have temporarily placed bookings on hold while we exchange equipment. All booked rides will be refunded in full. We apologize for any inconvenience.
Please contact us if you have any questions at info@pedalpunkatl.com.
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Steampunk is an eclectic world of cogs and rivets. It is airships, goggles, and steam. It is romance. It is traveling on clouds and diving beneath rugged waves. It is adventure. – Aether Emporium


Pedal Punk is a 12-passenger airship of sorts propelled not by steam, but by pedal power; traveling not on clouds, but on the streets of Downtown Woodstock’s entertainment district. Don’t worry though, there is a motor full of cogs and rivets to help if needed!
Walk up and pay for a single seat, or book the whole bike for corporate events, birthday/wedding parties, or neighborhood get- togethers. Stops are made along the way in order to refresh beverages or pick up a snack from local establishments. Click the book now button to view ride options. Don’t see any times that fit in with your plans? Message us and let us know. We are flexible and can change our schedule to meet your needs.


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How much does it cost?

$30 per person per hour or $250 per hour to rent the whole party bike (12 passengers) or $400 for 2 hours for the whole party bike rental. 

Can we eat and drink on board?

Though eating on board is not encouraged, it is allowed. Each person may also bring a 16-ounce cup on board of their favorite beverage that can be refreshed at any of the local establishments along the route within the hour. This can be beer, wine, or cocktail but must be in a plastic container. 

Where do we go? Is there an historic tour or route?

It is not a tour per se, but a fun ride along a route around the entertainment district of Woodstock. There are four stops where you may get off to refresh your beverage if so desired during your paid hour. We will have a seat cover to save your seat, but you will have to walk on foot to catch us at one of the other stops, so as to not hold up traffic. 

Where do we stop and where do we board?

There are 2-3 stops along the route, with mini-stops possible depending on traffic. Public parking lot – 201 Wheeler St. and Public Parking lot near Reformation Brewery – 809 Market St.

How do we book a ride or can we just walk up?

Yes, you can either book ahead on the website or walk up to the bike, book in that time slot if available and board.  Hourly rides book every 15 minutes. You will need to pay electronically and sign the liability waiver, so be sure to plan ahead. Give us a call, and the driver will tell you where on the route we are so that you know which stop is closest to your booking time. If you are a whole bike booking, we will pick your party up at your preferred stop, most likely parking lot a.

How does the driver keep track of multiple riders?

You will be issued a specific-colored wristband that indicates your paid time slot. If you arrive at 5 minutes after the hour, your ride will start at ¼ past the hour, etc.  

What is your cancellation or refund policy?

Pedal Punk Atl offers rain checks or refunds to any party wishing to reschedule or cancel up to 72 hours prior to their tour time. Pedal Punk Atl also reserves the right to cancel any tour because of hazardous weather or unforeseen circumstances; if a tour is canceled on behalf of Pedal Punk Atl or weather, customers will be offered the choice of a full refund or a rain check (reschedule to an available date and time).

Do you have to be a certain age to ride?

Hourly rides only book patrons over 21 years of age when alcohol is on board. Private parties may book the whole bike with people under age 21, however, no alcohol will be allowed on board those rides. 

Do we bring helmets?

Helmets are not required, but you will indicate on the waiver that you choose not to wear a helmet and release Pedal Punk of all liability. If helmets are preferred, i.e. for young children on a group ride, then they will need to supply their own helmet, due to hygiene reasons. 

What will we be doing on the bike?

There will be music provided by the driver with the addition of trivia events, sports events on a mounted television, games, and fun activities such as ring hook toss, biodegradable confetti guns, and other fun diversions. 

Are people in wheelchairs able to ride?

YES! There is a portable ramp where someone in a wheelchair can be pushed up into the middle of the bike to enjoy the experience. Also, there are 4 seats out of 12 available that do not pedal, in case you’re nursing an injury and are unable to pedal, or simply choose not to.

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Stop 1: Parking lot across from Prime 120 – 106 Fowler St. Stop


2: Public parking lot – 201 Wheeler St. Stop


3: Public lot on Wall St. behind Partners Pizza Stop


4: Public Parking lot near Reformation Brewery – 809 Market St. Stops will last approximately 5 minutes to allow passengers to pay/board.

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